Biscem Flexibond-Flexible ceramic tile adhesive and wide joint grout admixture-Technical Data Sheet

Biscem Flexibond-Flexible ceramic tile adhesive and wide joint grout admixture-Technical Data Sheet.

Biscem Flexibond is an aqueous co-polymer dispersion for use as a flexible admixture with cement based tile adhesives and floor grouts Biscem Thin & Thick Bed Tile Adhesive, Biscem Vitri-Rapid, Biscem Fast-Set and Biscem Wide Joint Grout, to form high strength, flexible, water resistant adhesives and grouts.  It can further be used as a primer / sealer for various building materials including Biscem Showerproof and Biscem Power Showerproof ready mixed ceramic wall tile adhesives.
Biscem Flexibond should always be added to clean water to obtain the correct dilution.  For use in an adhesive this is one part Flexibond and one part water, in grouts and as a primer this is one part Flexibond to 5 parts water.
Quality and Standards
Biscem Flexibond is distributed under a BSI approved quality system to EN ISO 9002.

* Flexibility: the shear modulus and tensile strength are increased giving greater resistance to minor movements and vibration.
* Permeability: the cement pores are part filled with the polymer, reducing the permeability and therefore reducing any damage by liquid transfer.
* Adhesion: adhesion can be improved giving a true belt and braces answer to adhering tiles.

Useful Information
The addition of Biscem Flexibond to adhesive or grout will extend the setting time by up to 50%.
If used in grout it is important to remove residual grout from the tile face immediately as Flexibond dries very hard and is difficult to remove.

4kg Flexibond is sufficient to mix with approximately 32 kg tile adhesive or 40kg of grout.

Darkens the appearance of grouts by approximately 35%

Download the Flexibond Product Datasheet
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